4 Strength-Training Tips

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Hi, I'm Dr. Clark with some tips to boost your strength training routine. First, remember to progress your program. The more comfortable you get with your workouts, the more you should try to increase the number of reps, sets, or intensity of your routine. You can also decrease the rest time between your sets and exercises, then vary your routine.

During the week, build in a medium, light, and hard day. Use different equipment like dumbbells, bands, or cable. Change your body position and alternate between arms and legs or your left side versus your right side, change your grip. Try and move with the palms down and then try with the palms up, alternating between chin ups and pull ups is one example of this, maintain proper alignment.

This is important to avoid injury. Keep your feet straight, align your knees, and engage your abs. Keep your shoulders back and down, keep your ears aligned with your shoulders and consider working with a coach. A coach or a personal fitness trainer can design a goal specific plan for you and help you maximize your results.

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