How Can Keeping a Worry Journal Help Me Sleep Better?

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Many people, when they get to bed at night, all of a sudden, all of the thoughts from the day kind of flood their consciousness, and they start thinking, thinking, thinking, and that's about the worst time you could actually be thinking trying to go to sleep. So one of things that I talk to people about is creating something called the worry general, it's very simple, you take a piece of paper, draw a line down the middle, and you have all the things you're thinking about, or worrying about on one side, then one solution for each thing, and that solution could be, hey, I'm going to think about this tomorrow at lunch, right? You don't have to solve every single problem, but give your self permission to not worry at night, and close the paper and close your brain when it comes to worrying, put on the bedside table and get some rest.