Are Hair Colors Associated with Different Health Conditions?

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So the color of your hair can have an impact on your physical well being, if you are a blonde for instance, you are more likely to get skin cancer and that is because you more likely have fair skin, which means you lack a pigment called melanin which protects you from the ultraviolet rays of the sun and you get more susceptible to having skin cancer.

Another thing as a blonde that you are more susceptible to is macular degeneration, this is an eye condition that is associated with blindness and because blondes tend to have lighter eyes, blue eyes they also lack that same pigment and can make you more likely to get this condition.

Now let's move on redheads, so redheads, this is very interesting, they are more likely to be resistant to anesthetics, so general or local anesthetics will not work as well if you have red hair. Up to 20% more anesthesia is needed if you're a redhead, and the anesthesiologists call you guys a tough knockout.

Let's talk about our brown haired friends including myself, so brunettes are more likely to have visible hair loss, and this is because we have thicker and coarser hair. So, we have less of it on our head to begin with, and if you lose strands of hair when those follicles die, the patches of scalp left behind are simply more visible, and that's how hair color can impact your health.