Is There a Connection Between Alzheimer’s Disease and Pesticide Exposure?

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There was an alarming new study that just came out, one of the first of it's kind that showed a link between exposure to DDT and Alzheimer risks. In the study folks with diagnosis of Alzheimer disease we found to have levels four times higher of DDT in their system than others who did not carry that diagnosis.

This is one of the first studies looking at this kind of environmental factors, in terms of Alzheimer risk, and is something we should have on 75% to 85% have some measurable level of DDT, is really just a legacy from one was used in united state even though it's been banned here since 1972, however, it's still in use in other countries, well what are other ways that we can limit our exposure, well one of the things to be aware of is that we should to be aware of is we should look at other countries whether they do use DDT and think twice about eating food or having products from those countries in our homes, the other thing is that we can look ways of eliminating other pesticides, because we didn't know this about DDT before, maybe we should be more careful, so think about using other alternatives for controlling pests, such as natural predators like lady bugs or using whole cultural spays that have horrible and other kinds of materials that are not toxic in addition maybe we start asking some questions in our communities about how we use sprays that contain pesticides, so how often this things are used and also what kind of pesticides are used in our parks and in our playgrounds.