What Is the Proper Way to Shave?

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So shaving your legs may seem like an obvious thing to know how to do, but there are ways to do it better. So first of all don't exfoliate the day you're going to shave your legs, and make sure you are in the shower for at least five minutes before you shave your legs, that way the hair will be more soft and it will be less likely that you get cut with the razor, than when you first get in the hair is much more course.

Then another thing to keep in mind is don't dry shave, make sure you always use a shave cream that's going to moisturize your legs and its just going to give you a closer shave. And also I know this is going to sound weird, but the ideal way to shave is downwards with the grain of the hair, you're less likely to get cut and it's just gonna work a lot better.

The problem is that most razors are not made to shave that way, and honestly it feels really weird. But give it a try especially if you suffer from razor burn and sensitive skin, you're going to see that it's gonna be a lot better.