What Are the Risks Involved With a Facelift?

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The main risk with facial surgeries is scaring that you may find unsightly. Typically plastic surgeons are very cautious in creating scars that are hidden around the ears that usually can be hidden by longer hair, and usually with time, heal real nicely. But there's always a risk that your scars can thicken.

This is something that you have to take into account. If you consider having an actual face lift done. Another thing to consider is that face lifts do have a risk of bleeding, and even a little bit of bleeding in a face lift can create a big big problem, so make sure that you watch the areas very closely after you heal, make sure you limit your activity.

If your doctor tells you not to exercise, please don't exercise because you could cause bleeding that could cause you to go back to the operating room urgently, and nobody wants to do that.