How Can I Look Younger Without a Facelift?

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Everybody asks me, how can I look younger without a facelift? Well, unfortunately there's no substitute for a real facelift but for those people who aren't interested in going under the knife, there are ways that you can tighten up the skin of your lower face without having surgery.

Typically these treatments aren't quite as dramatic so you have to lower your expectations a little bit. Some surgeons will use radio frequency treatments like the Fractora, like the Refirme treatments those can help to tighten up the skin without down time. Some doctors will use more aggressive fractionated laser treatments and these can help tighten up the skin as well and then there also some other treatments that will use deep ultra sound in other ways to heat up the deeper skin.

While a lot of these treatments are very effective in tightening up the skin, none of them unfortunately will give you quite the results of a facelift. In addition to surgery and other types of light based treatments like lasers or like radio frequency treatments, there are ways that you can tighten up your skin just from the comfort of your own home.

If you're buying skin care creams that are going to tighten up your skin long term, typically recommend something with retinol or retin-A, these are scientifically proven to cause the skin to tighten up with time. If you're looking for a quick fix however, there are some over-the-counter remedies to get you a quick fix for a few hours, I typically recommend the treatment that has serum albumin in it, that literally will act as a shrink wrap either for the bags under the eyes or for the lower neck, and you can find these types of things on or your local drugstore.