3 Healthy Reasons to Sing

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Hi, Dr. Miller here with a wonderful way to improve your health. Sing a song, even if you can't carry a tune in the bucket, singing has some great health benefits. It lowers your blood pressure. Singing boosts relaxation and reminds you of happy times, both of which help when stress and blood pressure spike.

It helps you breathe easier. If you are someone who know has COPD, singing just twice a week could make breathing feeling easier. Singing rewires the brain after a stroke. Many people who've survived a stroke but lost the ability to speak learn to communicate again by singing their thoughts, it's even used in some stroke rehab programs.

Singing activates areas on the right side of the brain, helping stroke survivors to take over the job of speaking when areas on the left side no longer function. There you have it, three great reasons to burst out a tune, any tune. For more ways to improve your health, watch all our smart tips.