How Is OCD Like a "Bully in the Brain"?

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When we talk about OCD is being like a bully in the brain, because it functions just like a bully would. So if I'm a big trunk bully and I have a big sturd/g muscles and I come to you and say, give me $5 or I'll hurt you, and if you're afraid of me and you really think that I'm capable of hurting you then you're going to give me the money, and I'll be happy then I go and spend it, and while I've gone to spend it, you're kind of feeling better because I'm no longer the presence are no longer a threat to you.

But when the money runs out, I'm going to come back to you and ask you for more. And the more you give me, the stronger I get and the weaker you feel so we tell kids, we've kind of conceptualize it in that way for kids. So that they can understand that when they give in to their symptoms, and they do something to get rid of anxiety, it temporarily makes them feel less anxious, but in the long run makes things [UNKNOWN] worse, and make the reliance on their needs to do those rituals greater.

So it really is like giving in to a bully in their brain.