3 Steps to Boost Your Happiness Right Now

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Hi, I'm Dr. Miller, take a moment to ask yourself this question. Are you happy? Happiness has a huge impact on your health, from your heart to your skin, to the pep in your step, happy feelings influence your brain and body chemistry in ways that help you cope with pain and stress to fend off cold, flu, heart disease and even cancer, the effects of happiness on your health can be even bigger than quitting smoking but being happy isn`t just luck, you can make yourself happier every day.

Here are three simple ways to boost your happiness quotient: listen to music whether you love Bob or Beyonce, music makes your brain release dopamin a lovely feel good neuro transmitter. Hang out with happy friends your chances of happiness increase by 15% if someone in your immediate social circle is happy.

Take a joy break even a few minutes of doing something you love singing, hiking, watching a sun set can reduce anxiety and improve your mood. I'm Dr. Miller. For more ways to boost your mood and your health, watch all our smart tips.