Can Healthy Eating Help With Childhood ADHD?

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Hi, I'm Dr, Altman. Have you wondered weather or better diet might improve your child's ADHD symptoms? The low food place in ADHD symptoms, like hyper activity or poor concentration, isn't totally clear yet. But within a healthy nutrient diet, is always a good idea, for all children in school.

That means that the diet reach in fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains lean proteins and dairy products, will help any child grow and develop. In addition, research suggests these food additives in your child's diet, may make ADHD symptoms worse. These include artificial preservatives and artificial sweetners so avoid these whenever possible.

It's also a good idea to kick sugary drinks and treats to the curb. Sugary foods don't aggravate ADHD symptoms specifically but too much sweet stuff can make a blood sugar spike. And that can affect any child's concentration and behavior. I'm Dr. Altman, check out all our smart tips for more ways to nourish your child's health.