3 Steps to Become a Better Listener

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Are you really a good listener, really listening to people helps build strong relations I'm Dr. Oz and here are three ways to become a better listener, they're good strategies and especially helpful for folks with ADHD. If your mind is wondering you could use well rest, inhale per count of four and exhale per count of four.

A few rounds of this helps improve your concentration pretend that you're an investigative journalist, imagine you're going to go back and write a story on what the person is telling you. That's going to focus your attention on details and keep you mind occupied, like a reporter get the information you need by asking who, what, when, where and why.

Challenge yourself to find key phrases of words repeat back to the person talk this kind of active listening requires that carefully [xx] the other person and what he said, and that forces you to really listen closely. I'm Dr. Oz for more great ways to built strong relationships watch all our smart tips right here.