At What Age Does Dementia Set in for Down's Syndrome Patients?

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If you look between ages 35 and 40 at the brain, post-mortem it has all this pathology that you expect to see in Alzheimer's disease. If you ask what's the average age at which those people begin to show cognitive decline over their baseline, from their baseline. 53. If you ask how many have dementia by age. 60.

More than 60%. If you ask how many, at what point do 90% of those people, if they survive have dementia at 73. So, it's quite clear, the pathology begins well before the onset of the dementia. The pathology is likely to be much more subtle than the typical Alzheimer's disease pathology meaning that the onset of early changes probably predates by a decade, you know, the pathological findings you see on post-mortem examination, and that both of those perceived by many years, the Dementia.