What Age Groups Are Your Programs Geared Towards?

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One of our pronouncer[sp?] at age 40 it's our first workforce program to help LGBT people stay competitive in the workplace and the research shows that most age discrimination in the workforce starts as early as age 40. But most of our programs start at age 50, and this is pretty comparable across the age field, ARP for example offers a lot of programs as early as age 50.

One of the reasons it's really important for LGBT people is because for those who're HIV positive obviously what it means to age with HIV it means you're aging younger and faster. So somebody at age 50 has probably the same level of physical health struggles that somebody in their 70s has, but it also bought in the conversation to think about how do we begin planning for our aging and our financial futures not at age 60, but as early as age 50 maybe even younger, if you want to live a high quality life, if you want to have the kind of community and health, and financial supports at age 70, 80, those conversations need to start much younger and so it makes it a conversation more about aging and less about elders.