When Does OCD Develop and What Does It Look Like?

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[BLANK_AUDIO] Usually we see OCD developing between the ages of 6 and 12. And it's interesting that we see OCD starting in younger kids. We see a lot of kind of just right feelings, that needs so, we don't necessarily see a lot of superstition like qualities to their thoughts. So you might see kids scratching themselves here then needing to scratch themselves here and continue to do that until it feels right inside, or tapping something over and over until it feels right.

But when kids kind of grow into the tween years, into the 10, 11, 12 range. That just right feeling tends to evolve into what we refer to as magical thinking or that superstitious like thing. So the same behavior of scratching and needing to be even is no longer but just try it and more about if I scratch here and I don't fix it, then I'm going to migrate or marbled by the car accidents.

I'm somehow preventing or changing the fate of myself or someone else is engaging the ritual.