Are All Processed Foods Bad for You?

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You know it's interesting, so processing, I'm not anti-processed, right, so processing, look, if I'm in Italy, I'm going enjoy pasta, and I, one can argue, and many of my colleagues in the nutrition field do, they say you shouldn't eat pasta because it's the grain that has now been ground down into flour as long as that's not the staple of your diet, I think that's fine. The issue that we have here, is that we have grain that we are consuming in the US that's been hybridized to a certain extend, so that it's just really easy for it to crack open, and it doesn't have any nutrients, and then when it's made into flour, all of the nutrients are gone.

That's a very different form of pasta. So process, I have, there was a woman who was just speaking, who said, I don't need anything in a package,you that, yes, yeah, so you could be saying I don't want to eat anything in a package, that's aspirational, if you have time and the ability, and are willing, which I think everyone should do to a certain extent to assemble ingredients into food, great, but if you are going to buy a packaged food, which would be called a processed food, then what I want to do, I want to make sure what is being processed, the origin of that is, good quality food, so if you're bar for example has fruits and nuts in it, then I just want to know that those fruits and nuts came from nature, they are not isolated pieces and parts of a fruit or a nut.