What Are Simple Ways a Couple Can Reduce Stress In Their Marriage?

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Stress reduction is really important between two people because that is, you could really say that, that is one of the main functions of being a couple is to take care of each other, be expert on each other have each others owners menu know exactly what to do with each other.

Now, the way humans are organized at the top of the influence area is touch. Touch is the most important sensory gate for us and it's the only one that really quickly shuts up the stress system. The neuron and the stresses from. Beneath touch there is vision. So eye contact, friendly eye contact and then there is sound like the pro city of the voice.

The sing songiness of the voice. So, what people can do should do, is lower each other stress by first of all knowing the other person and knowing what works usually close eye contact that's friendly, touch ,that's friendly and really actually knowing what works with your partner.

Somethings works with one person, doesn't work with the other. We expect people who are in secure function relationships to be experts on each other that is to be better at their partner than they are in anything else. When people are under a lot of stress, words actually don't help.

One of the reasons words don't help is because we have to process language at a very high area in the brain that's very energy expending. So, if I'm under a lot of stress and I'm feeling threatened, I can't process words very well. I can process touch, that's friendly. I can process a friendly look on your face, a friendly sound.

So, people learning how to do drive-by, signs of friendliness with each other is a quick way to reduce stress. Humor is another way. Anything that works that is quick. But long words, sentences, explanations don't work. The other thing is to lead with relief. The very first thing in a conversation with a partner is to know what to say that's going to relieve that partner right now.

Because if I don't do that with you, everything I say afterward you're not going to hear anyway. You're just going to be too threatened. So, it makes sense that we lead with relief. I'm sorry, you're right. You got a point there, God you're so lovely! Something that actually calms our partner down right away.

When coming home, it's a good idea to have a ritual, we call it a welcome home ritual. Inside, outside, home, not home ritual. this is where couples are transitioning from one state to another and they do this by embracing. Embracing chest to chest, stomach to stomach. Its one of the best ways that we calm down and we set ourselves.

But it also tends to average peoples nervous systems out, and that's important when you get into the house. Because if these two people are not together as master regulators of the house, everybody beneath them kids, dogs, cats, pots, pans are going to misbehave. So just makes sense, that these two people have this ritual, and it's good for the health as well.