How Does Stress Affect a Couple's Sexual Relationship?

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When a couple first gets together, they're on nature's cocktail. Basically it's a cocktail that allows them to be super human in some ways to do things they ordinarily can't do because nature wants them to procreate. However, after a time, nature's cocktail begins to fade away away and then people are faced with each other as they are.

That is a stressful situation for most people. Getting close to another person is stressful. The more insecure you may feel in a relationship, the more problems you will have with stress and stress will affect sexual desire and sexual perfomance. Now we know this is a problem with men and women who are given to performance anxiety where there's lots of demand and we live in a culture where there tends to be a lot of demands and expectation about sexuality and sexual performance.

So people can get into a lot of trouble just by expectations, just by being close, this close, skin to skin and eye to eye, face to face over a period of time where they can make a lot of errors with each other, again this kinda goes back to dating when you are anxious, you tend to make a little bit more mistakes because as you want to do it right, you want to be perfect and this carries over into the bedroom later long in life.

Now these mistakes are being made elsewhere but they are more concentrated in the bedroom which is why people complain about sexual problems. If you are thinking too much we know there are parts of the brain that get in they way of the body and get in the way of flow which is the same kind of flow that happen when you are good at dancing or playing an instrument, but if you are thinking about it and you're feeling lots of performance anxiety, you can't play as well, you can't skate at the olympics, you can't and do those things because your brain certain parts is really taking too much working memory you can't do it.

Now most sexual dusfunction really is not physical or biological or medical, however it's still a problem and a lot of this has to do again with demand, if people can know how to be with each other, calm each other. Relax each other, be good friends, play in the bedroom as they would play anywhere else sex will be a lot better, but for some reason in our culture people take sex extremely seriously and play then leaves and now becomes a very difficult situation.