How Can My Spouse and I Protect Our Marriage During Stressful Times?

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Be in a foxhole together. Couples do best when they're taking care of each other, when they have each other's backs, when they are protecting each other in public and private. That is one of the ways that partners can reduce stress. When they're in stress, learning how to fight, be friendly, understanding how threat works, using touch, eye contact, staying very close together while being in eye contact, is another way to reduce stress.

So a couple bubble basically is an idea where two people basically exist in their own terrarium. That terrarium is a system that's safe and secure, with agreed upon rules and principles that protect both parties. This not only allows them to stay safe in an otherwise dangerous world with predators, but it also allows them to thrive because they're doing things for each other that others really don't want to do because relationships are basically difficult and people are burdens.

So, a couple bubble consists of two people who act in a secure functioning manner that is truly mutual, good for me, good for you. They have each other's backs, they take care of each other in public and private. They tell each other everything because why not? And they are protective of their resources, the resources they create between the two of them, so that they can be better parents, better neighbors, better at school, better at work, just better citizens.