How to Order Healthy Mexican Food

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Hi, I'm Dr. Sodden here. Do you like Mexican food but find lean Mexican food is harder to find than cheap gas? Actually there's plenty to order on most Mexican menus that you won't regret in the morning. Think thahidis, black beans, pure guacamole, ceviche real chicken or fish, veggie enchiladas, whole cheese and classics like arroz con pollo, chicken and rice, but with brown rice camarones also known as shrimp and of course salsa, not the dance, that's the original Mexican health food.

Skip the fried chips and use salsa as a source or dip for everything above. Here are three reasons to dip into salsa everyday. Tomatoes are stellar sauces of folly, potassium and fiber. Chilies may help your memory because they contain a flavanoid that seems to down damaging information in your brain's memory center, onions and garlic are bursting with flavored oils, vitamin C and blood sugar regulating chromium just skip the fried potato chips and enjoy lots of sauce with your healthy Mexican flavors.

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