What Are the Symptoms of Anemia?

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Ion and your number one complaint, why am I so exhausted? And then reveal the secret reason your body is fighting for energy but before I get started, I need assistant to the day so if you're sitting in sit number 18, who's in 18? Come up. How are you? I'm great. I got to get a hug.

I watch you every day. Well thank you very much. While I'm working out. Well that's very good, what's your first name? My name is Carla. Hey Carla? What do you think I'm talking about today? Why are you exhausted? I don't know, and I do get exhausted and I don't understand why because I do work out everyday.

Watch at me as I do little quiz with you and I want you to think of this in your own life. I've put some symptoms up here behind me. Turn this way so you can see it. Do you have fatigue? Do you get dizzy? Are you pale ever? Do you feel cold? My feet cold, and I am very tired in the evening.

You are, and let me just see if you are pale. I have [xx] so I'm cheating.Alright show me a bit of your tongue. You have a good looking tongue.Oh, thank you.So those are the key symptoms of anemia, and we talk a lot about anemia but at sometimes spoke of [xx] get to really understand what is really about.

Now we have a blood test we can do to figure out whether or not you have anemia, it's pretty simple and it looks to see how much hemoglobin you have in your blood. Hemoglobin is what carries the oxygen that the body needs around. So what I want to do is talk about that, why it sometimes doesn't take us where we need to be in life and I got some solutions for you.

Are you on board? Yes I am. So we can start with an animation to explain why these four symptoms which I'd link to anemia sometimes happens, so come look at this, so these are red blood cells they are going through the blood systems as fast as they can as they do that the lungs push the oxygen out you need iron to make haemoglobin.

Iron comes in two forms. Heme Iron like from meat and non-heme iron which comes from grains and vegetables also vitamins by the way have non-heme iron. Non-heme iron has to be bound together specially which it makes it a little bit more difficult to use than heme iron and here's the other thing when you have heme iron version on him there's a difference how is absorbed into the body.

But you can see from example will help non-heme iron get in [xx] when copying [xx] whereas heme iron can pass through with out any interference any regulation how it gets into the body so you tend to be able to use heme iron a bit more literally it makes sense right? Two kinds of iron and it helps your hemoglobin in different ways.