Exercise to Make Your Flu Shot Last Longer

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Hi, I'm Dr. Clarke, are you giving a flu shot this year? Great, here's a smart way to make it better, especially if you're a senior, exercise. As you age your immune system may not respond as well to flu vaccines. And some research suggests that the flu shot wears off faster in older people.

No one is quite sure why, but your diet, prior vaccinations and exposure, and an ageing immune system could all play a part. But exercise, can help make a flu shot's benefits last. In one study of senior adults, those who stayed physically active and received a flu shot, had more antibodies from the shot and kept them for longer than normal.

The group engaged in endurance exercises such as cycling, elliptical training and brisk walking three times a week. Researchers suspect that cardio exercise enhances antibody production. So if you want to stay well this winter, get a Flu shot and get moving. And for more ways to stay healthy, watch all our tips right here.