Learn a Language to Build Your Brain

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Hi, Dr. Oz here and I've got a fan way for you to boost your brain power and grow younger. Planning a vacation to another country, that's a great excuse to learn a new language, it helps build a grey matter and keep your memory sharp, learning a second or third or forth language is a smart idea even if you never leave home, whether you take a class or listen to an audio programme you are three steps to more easily pick up a new language.

First off stay relaxed being anxious makes it hard to remember new words and phrases, so try meditating for five minutes before starting a lesson. Next, listen to as much of your new language as possible. Watch TV channels, listen to radio stations in a language that you're learning, and don't worry about understanding the words, just let them wash over you, understanding comes later.

And finally stay in good shape, speech is physical as well as mental, exercising and maintaning a healthy weight nourishes your brain, so you pick up your new language even faster. [xx] check all my great health tips right here.