Burn More Calories With Tea

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Hi, I'm Dr. Miller here is your health tip for today. You want to burn more calories without even trying? Pour yourself a cup of tea, it's inexpensive, calorie free, and packed with amazing antioxidants for your body. You may even burn more fat and calories just by drinking it, how? Compounds in tea called catecan may help crank up your metabolism, so you burn more calories.

It's a simple effect that every little bit helps in the battle of the bulge. How much help does it offer, according to one dietitian, tea can help you burn up to 80 extra calories a day. Other research suggest that drinking tea could help to calm your appetite, and curb your food intake. That could be because of tea's caffeine, and catecan combo.

I'm Dr. Miller, for more ways to slim down, watch all our smart tips right here.