Beans and Your Blood Sugar

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Hi, I'm Barbara Ficarra. Which fiber source is better for balancing your blood sugar, legumes or grains? The answer is, legumes. In a study, a diet high in lentil, nuts, peas, and other legumes seem to be more helpful than a diet high in weak fiber when it came to tamping down blood sugar, plus beans tend to have a low glycemic index, meaning, they're digested slowly, and have a stabilizing effect on blood sugar.

So much sold that when people with type 2 diabetes were told to eat more legumes as part of a study, their average blood sugar overtime was lower than that of the group eating more whole grain. And although the difference was modest, it was still significant enough to call legumes the best bet. The bottomline, a low glycemic index diet seem to be best for blood sugar.

To get there, you may need to trade that side of brown rice for an occasional bowl of beans. But if you want a great way to keep that blood sugar balanced, pass the peas please. Get more great health and nutrition tips right here.