Transform YOU Video Workouts: Advanced

Transform YOU Video Workouts: Advanced

Shape up with the help of celebrity trainer David Buer! You'll just need a step, resistance band and some dumbbells. Let’s go!

Week 1 Workout

You’ll tone your core, improve your balance and more with these challenging moves. Remember to go slow, and focus on your form.

Week 2 Workout

Get ready to challenge yourself with lunges and rows – plus a push-up variation inspired by a superhero. Make every rep count!

Week 3 Workout

This week you’ll build upper body and leg strength. Do the exercises in a circuit, with minimal rest between moves.

Week 4 Workout

Get ready to work your shoulders, chest and core – then move on to squats to strengthen your lower body. You’re doing great!

Week 5 Workout

Grab your resistance bands and dumbbells, and focus on a steady pace throughout this routine. Challenge yourself to do your best!

Week 6 Workout

You’ll need your dumbbells as we work on planks, lunges, push-ups and deadlifts. Don’t skip the mountain climbers at the end!

Week 7 Workout

You’ll work your core with walking planks and lunges, followed by variations on squats and push-ups. If your form starts to slip, cut back on number of reps.

Week 8 Workout

Grab your dumbbells and get ready for a mix of planks, rows and reverse lunges – plus a new push-up that will really work your core.

Week 9 Workout

This week you’ll do steps, walking lunges and push-ups – plus a challenging new move. Blast calories with mountain climbers at the end!

Week 10 Workout

On tap this week: walking planks, reverse lunges and Romanian deadlifts – plus a challenging set to up your heart rate.

Week 11 Workout

Work your whole body with single-leg squats, slow push-ups, deadlifts and lunges. Finish with a few fast sets of mountain climbers.

Week 12 Workout

Focus on your core and arms with plank walks, slow push-ups and more. Take your time, and finish strong!

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Take your fitness to the next level with the help of celebrity trainer David Buer. All you'll need is a resistance band, step and some dumbbells. Do each workout three times a week and you’ll soon see the payoff: A new you!

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