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March 24, 12 - 2 pm EST


Learn about MyHealthID and the need for a voluntary patient safety identifier as a solution to patient matching.

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Past Twitter Chats
Heart Health

During American Heart Month, experts address topics around heart health and cardiology.

Great American Smokeout: Quit Like a Champion

Learn how to quit smoking from American Cancer Society and other experts.

Safe is the New Strong

Experts address topics around orthopedics and injury prevention, with particular attention paid to issues for different age groups.

Let's Talk Babies

Experts address topics around babies and women’s health before, during and after pregnancy.

Summer Safety

Learn from experts on how to keep you and your family safe and healthy this summer.

Fostering Family Health

Learn from the experts how to encourage healthy habits for the entire family.

Ending Childhood Obesity

Learn from the experts how to develop healthy eating habits for the entire family.

Great American Smokeout

Learn how to quit smoking, including simple tips and tricks that really work.