8 Yoga Poses for Strong, Sexy Legs

Firm flabby thighs and get the toned legs you've always wanted with this simple yoga routine.

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Ready to say good-bye to flabby calves and jiggly thighs? Try yoga. “It’s a fantastic way to tone your legs,” says certified yoga instructor Theresa Brennan, who created this sequence of eight poses. “By using your own body weight, you build leg strength. Balancing poses tone the legs and core, and improve your balance, too.”

To get started, stand tall in a simple Mountain Pose (Tadasana) and move through each pose as shown. Repeat the entire sequence three times each week for legs you’ll want to bare.

Medically reviewed in June 2019.

Warrior II (Virabhadrasana II)

2 / 9 Warrior II (Virabhadrasana II)

Warrior II is a great pose for stretching and lengthening leg muscles.

How to do it: Take a large step back with your left foot. With your right foot pointing forward, turn your left foot at a 90-degree angle so it aligns with your right heel. Bend your right knee and lift your arms so that they’re parallel to the floor. Turn your head so that you’re gazing over your right arm. Hold the pose for several breaths. Return to standing position and repeat on the other side, with your left foot in front.

Extended Side Angle (Utthita Parsvakonasana)

3 / 9 Extended Side Angle (Utthita Parsvakonasana)

Extended Side Angle Pose works to strengthen your thighs and ankles.

How to do it: Take a big step to the side so that your feet are about four feet apart. Raise your arms parallel to the floor, palms facing down. With legs straight, turn your right foot out 90 degrees and slightly angle your left foot in. Exhale and bend your right knee, keeping it aligned over your right ankle. As you inhale, place your right forearm on your thigh and extend your left arm over your ear, elongating your body. Remain in the pose for five breaths, then switch sides.

Goddess Pose (Utkata Konasana)

4 / 9 Goddess Pose (Utkata Konasana)

Goddess Pose, which strengthens the quads and inner thigh muscles, is the perfect antidote to flabby thighs.

How to do it: Take a large step so that your feet are about three feet apart. Turn your toes out so that your feet are at a 45-degree angle, pointing away from each other. Engage your abs and bend your knees, sinking down as far as you comfortably can. Stay centered without leaning forward or back. Bring your palms together and hold your hands at heart center, keeping your elbows close to your body. Hold the pose for six breaths. 

Wide-Legged Forward Fold (Prasarita Padottanasana)

5 / 9 Wide-Legged Forward Fold (Prasarita Padottanasana)

This calming pose is especially good for stretching tight hamstrings.

How to do it: Take a step so that your feet are three to four feet apart; your feet can be parallel or slightly pigeon-toed. Inhale and lift your chest. On the exhale, bend forward at the hips. As your body becomes parallel to the floor, place your hands or fingertips on the floor directly beneath your shoulders. Direct your gaze at the floor in front of you. Go only as far down as you can with straight legs; it's ok if your hands don't reach the floor. Hold the pose for several breaths.

Tree Pose (Vrksasana)

6 / 9 Tree Pose (Vrksasana)

Tree pose improves balance and concentration as it stretches your inner thigh muscles and strengthens your calves, thighs and foot muscles.

How to do it: Find a spot to focus on to help keep you from wobbling. Engage your abs and shift your weight to your right leg. Raise your left foot and place the sole on the ankle, calf or mid-thigh of your right leg (never the inside of the knee) with toes pointed downward. Allow your left knee to comfortably point to the side. Engage your abs so you can stand tall and straight. Raise your arms and hold the pose for several breaths, then switch sides.

Eagle Pose (Garudasana)

7 / 9 Eagle Pose (Garudasana)

Tone your calves, ankles and thighs while holding the pose of the eagle.

How to do it: Stand with your feet parallel and about hip width apart. Pick a focal point and hold your gaze for balance. Bend your legs slightly. Balancing on your right leg, lift your left foot and cross your left thigh over the right. Let your toes reach down and touch the floor, if possible. Stretch your arms in front of you and cross your right arm above the elbow of your left. Bend both elbows, clasping your hands together, with your forearms in front of your chest. Hold the pose for several breaths, then change sides.

Warrior III (Virabhadrasana III)

8 / 9 Warrior III (Virabhadrasana III)

Warrior III builds lean muscle while giving your hamstrings and outer thighs a good stretch.

How to do it: Step your left foot back into a lunge position. Place your hands on your hips. Exhale and bend forward. As you bend, lift your left leg behind you, bringing it parallel to the ground as much as possible. Shift your gaze straight down to the ground. Leave your hands on your hips or stretch them straight in front of you. Engage your core muscles and plant your right foot into the ground to maintain your balance. Hold for five to 10 breaths. Come back to a standing position and repeat on the other side. 

Squat Pose (Malasana)

9 / 9 Squat Pose (Malasana)

You may feel the burn in Squat Pose—but it works wonders for firming your thighs.

How to do it: Stand with your feet a little more than hip distance apart. Turn your toes out, bend your knees and sink down as far as you can. Bring the palms of your hands together and hold them at heart center. Place your elbows on the inside of each knee, pressing gently on your knee to help open your hips. If you can’t sink down far enough to put your elbows against your knees, simply hold your hands in prayer position at heart center. Hold the pose for 30 seconds to one minute.

Lie on your back on the floor and give yourself a rest in Final Relaxation Pose.

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