Is it normal to feel like I do not know what to do?


If you've never exercised then what would make you feel like you should know what to do? When you start a new job do you know what to do? The feeling of not knowing is what stops people from doing so where do you start? The best suggestion is to just start and start with something you like i.e. dancing, walking or bicycle riding. Once you start to feel the benefits (more functionality, being less out of breath, ability to think more clearly, improved sleep, etc.) it will enhance your motivation to exercise and increase your confidence to try other things and build on what you are currently doing. 


It also helps to get through the initial new period by bringing someone else along. Bring someone who you can laugh and have fun with. Being new and not knowing can be humbling but humbling feels better when you have a close friend or family member to share it with. 


When you go into a gym it's also not surprising that you don't know what you are supposed to do. You are alone, in a gym, with a bunch of unfamiliar people and peices of equipment. Try and find someone who does know and ask for help. You may even hire a personal trainer for a time or two to help get your established. 

It is completely normal to feel lost and overwhelmed at times.  Whether it is a small club or a large one, whether you are working out at home or at a gym we can all get lost on what to do.

This is why having accountability and partners and support in fitness is so incredibly important.  Having a professional on your side and a coach is very valuable so if you have one at your gym or can find one use them.  

I would also encourage you to become a part of a small network of people in your gym or community that support your goals.  Accountability and motivation are two incredible keys to be comfortable with what you are doing and not feel lost.  If you are accountable to a group or coach you will be more motivated to succeed.  The group or coach will also help you ease anxiety and increase knowledge and wisdom which will make you feel less lost.

Walking alone in fitness almost always sets you up for failure.  Have a partner, group or coach, walk with them in this journey and realize that it is ok to feel lost.  If you reach out and you have support in time you will not feel as lost.

Expect to feel lost sometimes. You can't know what you don't know. With health and fitness there is always a lot you might not know. Just remember, if you are feeling a bit lost, most exercise environments have professionals who are there to assist you. When in doubt, call upon them for advice.

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