What are the benefits of drinking water before each meal?

John Douillard, DC
Herbal Medicine
Studies show we can lose more weight and have better digestion by drinking warm water 15-30 minutes before a meal. Watch Ayurvedic specialist John Douillard, DC, explain how pre-hydrating your stomach before eating strengthens your digestive fire. 
Drinking water before a meal could help you lose weight.

In a trial done in the U.K. and published in 2015, obese participants were told either to drink 500 ml of tap water (that's about 2 cups) before each meal or to imagine that their stomachs were full. After 12 weeks, those who had the liquid appetizer lost about 2.5 pounds more than the people in the comparison group -- not a huge difference, but not too shabby, either, for such an easy trick.

The concept behind the study is "preloading," the idea that eating or drinking something low-calorie before a meal can fill you up, so you consume fewer calories during the meal. Other research has tested the theory with other foods, such as soup, juice, fruit and even whole-grain fiber bars, with varying degrees of success. Some experts claim that ice-cold water works best, since theoretically your body burns calories to warm the water up to body temperature. But temperature doesn't actually appear to matter. Basically, the water (or soup, or whatever) is just taking up space in your stomach. 

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