What are the benefits of listening to music while walking?

Everyone motivated themselves in different ways.  Some people enjoy walking early in the morning and will allow nature to be their music.  However, for those who are not early birds or for those who need that extra motivation, then music may be your answer.  For me, music can be a lifesaver.  Motivation is at times needed and music can be that extra push!  Find your favorite tunes, put them on your iPod or music player and rock out while you walk out! 

Music is a great motivator. Music will put a pep in your step. Choose a mixture of fast beat and slow beat music. Then walk to the beat of the music that is playing. This is an easy way to change your routine daily, shuffle the songs and never to the same workout twice. You will be pleasantly surprised at how fast the time goes when you are walking to your favorite tunes.

There are lots of great benefits to listening to music while you’re walking. First, you can create a playlist for the length of time you are going to walk. Then your walk becomes a matter of songs, not miles or minutes. Music can be a fantastic motivator so tailor the playlist to your walk! If you have a set walking route or a routine you do on the treadmill, you can use your favorite song for that difficult hill or treadmill incline. To be safe, if you’re walking outside, always make sure you can hear what is going on around you. Your walking time is all about you and having music that moves you and motivates you makes the experience that much better!

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