What can I do to make walking less boring?

It happens to the best of us. You barely get started on a path to being more active and suddenly you are bored. Don’t let boredom disrupt your walking program. These tips can help you keep walking interesting:
  • Change your mindset. Focus on thinking exercise is fun and a stress relief tool for improving your mood, rather than a burden.
  • Wear a pedometer. See how many steps you typically walk each day and aim to walk more, with a goal of 10,000 steps, or about 5 miles, if you’re able.
  • Bring a friend and take a walk and talk. Being social surely makes fitness more fun!
  • Walk your dog or even your kids at the same time every day and let their excitement - and expectations - motivate you!
  • Change date night. Instead of dinner and a movie, try walking to a restaurant, sharing an entree and making the main focus an activity that doesn’t require you to be sedentary.
  • Plan a family hike on a nature trail near you.
  • Register to walk a 3K or 5K race. It helps motivate you to have a date planned in the future, and race day is exciting, fun, and rewarding!
To make a walk less boring, bring a friend or two along, or bring your dog or a friend’s dog. Go for a walk in a park or somewhere with nice scenery. By changing up the scenery or walking with a companion of the two or four-legged  kind this will make the walk a lot less boring. 

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