How can distance walking increase my endurance?

There are many benefits of walking including:

  • Decreased resting heart rate
  • Improved circulation
  • More efficient breathing
  • Increased metabolism
  • Improved ability to pump blood (enhanced cardiac output)
  • Stronger more efficient heart
  • Stronger respiratory muscles
  • Improved ability of muscles to use oxygen

 When combined, all of these benefits will improve your endurance.

Endurance training refers to exercising to increase stamina and endurance. The idea is to be able to perform the activity for extended periods of time.  Exercises for endurance tend to be aerobic in nature versus anaerobic movements (i.e. resistance training or high intensity, short duration exercises like sprinting).

Distance walking is a great choice for endurance activity as it strengthens and elongates the muscles for extended periods and results in several positive physiological adaptations –including improved cardiovascular efficiency and metabolic processes.

Walking is also less stressful to the joints than running, making it an exercise option suitable for multiple fitness levels.

  There are many different ways to gain endurance. Distance walking increases our endurance by extending the period of time we are exercising for. Endurance is gained through time and repetitions. Walking for long periods of time means we are moving our bodies and exercising for extended period, and this is a how we gain endurance. Long distance walking is also great for mental endurance. Once you are used to working out for say 45 minutes to an hour a day then you are able to move forward with your fitness program. By preparing yourself both physically and mentally to exercise for an extended period of time, you are creating the necessary platform to progress forward and achieve your fitness and health goals.

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