When can foot blisters become serious?

Foot blisters occur when there is extra friction against the skin.  Sometimes this can occur with new or improperly fitted shoes.  If you get a blister from your foot wear, you should break them in a little at a time so that your feet and skin have a chance to get used to different pressure points.  If it is due to an overuse issue such as running, you may need to take time to rest from that as well.  In most cases it is not recommended to open blisters because then you open up the chance for infection.  Blisters are not serious as long as they are not red, swollen and irritated.  If the blister has opened up, always keep these type of wounds clean and dry.  If pain is increasing or signs of infection are showing then it is a very good idea to have it checked out by your health professional.

A foot blister may become serious if infected. Be sure when you get a foot blister to avoid picking at it. Also, if still active, be sure to wrap with something such as a bandage prior to completing any physical activity that may results in sweating of some sort. If the infection is present, consider seeking addition guidance from your physician.

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