How can I exercise if foot blisters prevent me from running?

If running causes you blisters there are several other options available. Brisk walking, cycling, swimming, hiking, and machines like elliptical trainers which can allow you to get an effective workout while reducing the risk of developing blisters. Some other key tips include getting properly fitting shoes and socks made of synthetic materials which reduce friction and reduce the risk of developing blister if you do decide to run.
You can try stationery biking, since you won’t be fully weight bearing while those nasty blisters heal. If that doesn’t work, try a circuit of different weight training exercises and don’t take any breaks between sets or between different exercises so your heart rate remains elevated. Make sure your blisters are kept moist and covered whenever you are putting any weight on those affected areas.
This might also be a good time to add Pilates and floor yoga exercises to your routine, since any new exercise will initially be challenging and probably help to keep calorie burning occurring, especially if their newness offers significant challenge to you. Depending on the state of your blisters, you can also ask your doctor if swimming is possible.

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A blister is a patch of raised skin that contains watery liquid. Blisters may form when your skin rubs against something repeatedly. For instance, if your shoes are tight, stiff, or too small, the skin on your feet can develop bli...

sters as it rubs against the inner part of the shoes when you walk. Don't pop a skin blister. Instead, cover it with a bandage and let the skin heal naturally.

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