What specialized services are available to help with visual impairment?

There are many specialized services available to help the visually impaired. Some services you may use include reading and writing Braille, use a computer with Braille or a voice synthesizer, using a GPS device, or using a dog guide or long cane for walking with confidence.

When vision loss or blindness happens, specialized services can enable you to keep your independence instead of giving up for fear of falling or getting lost. With Americans living longer than before, vision loss is a reality for many people. Knowing about available services and how they can help those with vision impairment is important for acceptance.

It's very likely that within your lifetime you or someone you love will become blind or severely visually impaired. It’s estimated that 10 million Americans have difficulty seeing -- a number that is skyrocketing and expected to double by the year 2030. Even so, most people have a fear of blindness and don’t fully understand how it might impact them. Specialized services allow blind people to receive an effective education and learn the survival necessary to be part of the family and community. Without specialized services, people can risk losing their independence and their dignity.

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