What is the CrossFit exercise program?

Crossfit is a high-intensity, short-duration type of workout routine.  These types of workouts are not made for beginners.  A good foundation of exercise should be learned first before attempting anything of this nature.  In my personal opinion, I don't recommend these types of fads to anyone because of the high risk of injury caused by such workouts.

The crossfit exercise program is a program that is designed to stress multiple components of fitness by constantly varying the workouts performed each time. The workouts are intended to increase work capacity or how much work you can do at one time by having participants perform the workouts as fast as possible. The wide variety of workouts done as fast as possible is designed to improve as many component of fitness like strength, power, agility, endurance all while performing short high intensity workouts. If you’d like to start doing crossfit workouts first consult your physician and have them perform a thorough physical and health screening to make sure you’re healthy enough to perform the workouts. If at anytime while performing crossfit workouts you experience light headedness, sharp pain, bruising or swelling around a joint, or shortness of breath discontinue the workout and consult your physician.

Christopher C. Bell, MD
Sports Medicine

Crossfit is a great fitness trend along the same lines as P90x, but more in a group setting. It is a very intense, short duration exercise.

Recent research has shown that short-duration, high intensity exercise provides the same aerobic benefits as longer duration, lower intensity workouts. So you can do your workout in much less time but still reap the same rewards. You will suffer though! It is not for the faint-hearted. I recommend doing some exercise on your own before diving into this if you haven't been active. This has been an awesome fitness trend that continues to grow in popularity.

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