What is a good taper week workout?

Here is a pre-race Brick.  Do this on the race course if at all possible.

Bike 30 minutes and run 15 minutes.  Include 3-4 short, race efforts sprints on both the bike and the run. During bike ride, run through all the gears to make sure shifting is smooth.

Before this workout, set up your transition area exactly as you will do on race day.  Practice a quick and efficient transition.
Short, high intensity intervals with long recovery periods are excellent race week workouts. They activate all of the energy systems to make sure the top end is firing, without building accumulated fatigue so you are fresh and race ready. If you are racing on a Saturday, I recommend doing the following workout on the Wednesday leading up to the race. The entire workout will take 60 minutes. Within those 60 minutes you have a specific task of high intensity intervals. What this means is that 3 times for 30 seconds at maximum effort each you will bring your cadence up to 110, then recover for 3 minutes and repeat the interval. What this looks like chronologically is: warm up 30 minutes, 30 seconds 110 cadence, max effort. 3:00 recovery. 30 seconds 110, max effort. 3:00 recovery. 30 seconds 110, max effort. 3:00 recovery. 19:30 cool down.

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