How many tender spots should I try to find when foam rolling?

This depends on the amount of time that you have. Since most people are short on time, a general rule would be to focus on 2-3 different muscle groups each time you roll and moving onto other muscle groups on another day. It is pretty common to find 1 or 2 tender spots with each muscle group. However, depending on the muscle group you're working, some areas will have more tender spots than others. If you are able you spend 5 to 10 minutes a day, most days of the week foam rolling, you will notice a difference in how you move and feel.

Generally speaking, try foam rolling 2-3 muscles (right and left sides) and finding the single most tender area per muscle. This will give you the greatest return on your time investment, especially if your time is limited. However, if you happen to be foam rolling when time is not a consideration (such as watching TV), find as many tender spots throughout the body as you can handle.

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