There are so many weight gain products, how do I know what to buy?

Laura Russell
Nutrition & Dietetics

I recommend focusing more in eating whole foods instead of purchasing expensive products. Meet with a registered dietitian who can help you determine your protein and calorie needs and help you develop a personalize meal plan. Weight lifting and resistance exercise combined with proper nutrition is all that you may need to gain weight and it will likely be much less expensive.

The one thing I have always told people is that the key in choosing any kind of nutritional supplement is the integrity of the company.  For instance how many bad products has Lexus made?  You can almost trust with complete certainty that any car they produce is going to be great.  Same holds true with nutritional supplements.

If you invest your time in reviewing a product, first look at the manufacture and try and figure out if they are a reputable product.  See how long they have existed, go to websites like Yelp or other review sites.  Ask friends, ask fitness professionals, do research and form an opinion on the company not the supplement itself.  If you find that the company is good then I almost guarantee their weight gain product is good as well.

I for instance trust two supplement companies (dotFIT) being one and therefore will trust their products when they come out with a new one and they have never have proven me wrong.

From there get advice from a fitness professional who can evaluate your goals, look at your nutritional habits and then look for an appropriate way to use weight grain products to supplement your diet.

There are thousands of muscle gain/weight gain supplements out there, and many of them are not even worth taking off the shelf. That doesn’t mean that some of these products won’t help you put on weight, but they are no more effective than eating real food. Focus first on eating frequently; not missing meals and snacks, selecting energy dense foods, and training hard, and you will put on all the weight your genetics will allow. If you simply can’t eat all the food you need to eat to gain weight, supplemental protein (protein powder from whey, casein, or soy) is a safe and convenient method of ingesting high quality dietary protein.

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