What body weight exercises can I do to support my weight training program?

One of the best body weight training programs out there is the use of the TRX.  Made by a company call Fitness Anywhere.  This is one of the most useful pieces of equipment that you can use practically anywhere.  It is two straps that you can attach anywhere from a tree outside to a door in your home.  The nice thing about the TRX is you can do your whole body for a workout and change your resistance on the fly by just changing your postion.  You can perform chest press, rows, squats, crunchs and arms all by using your own body weight.  So if you are looking for something a little different and a little more challenging definately look into the TRX for body weight training.

You can incorporate many different types of bodyweight exercises such as push ups, single leg squats, single leg Romanian dead lifts, lunges, step-ups, pull-ups, and squats. In addition, plyometric (jumping) exercises such as squat jumps, butt kicks, box jumps, and tuck jumps, can be performed if you do not have chronic conditions (heart disease, diabetes etc.) or orthopedic issues. If you have suspension equipment available to you, you can become more creative with the types of exercises that you perform for your body weight training. Suspension equipment including cables and others such as TRX will serve as effective modalities to implement body weight training.

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