What is the best exercise for stronger glutes?

Try this super-set technique to get strengthen your glutes. The technique is called strength endurance training and consists of pairing two exercises using the same muscle groups together. The exercise you perform first is a "strength" exercise while the exercise you perform second in the super-set is a "stabilization" exercise. The goal is to fatigue your big muscles and then use your smaller stabilizers that help to develop additional strength. 

For your glutes try this superset:
1. Squat x 8 reps
2. Single Leg Squat Touchdown x 10 reps (each leg)

Perform 3-4 sets of this with 90 seconds rest after each super set.
Use as much weight as you can control and be sure to use proper technique throughout each movement.

Incorporating this type of super-set training, strength endurance, into your workout is sure to provide you with additional strength gains.
Many exercises will help you get stronger glutes; however, recent research suggests that the best exercise for activating the glutes is the single-leg squat.  Perform the single-leg squat by following the technique described below.  Stand with your feet pointed straight ahead and hip-width apart.  Next, stand tall by lifting your chest and place your hands on your hips.  Draw-in the belly button to tighten the abs, squeeze your butt muscles, and balance on one leg, lifting the other foot directly beside it.  Keeping your lifted foot right beside your stance foot without touching, squat down as if sitting into chair making sure to keep the knee in-line with toes. Hold at the bottom for two seconds before pushing through heel to return to the starting position.  Perform 8-12 repetitions before switching sides.

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