How can a balance disc help in working out?

A balance disc is a tool or modality that is used for balance training.  The main goal of balance training is to increase you awareness of your limit of stability by creating controlled instability.  A balance disc is only one of the many modalities that are available to train with and you should begin with being able to balance on the floor before moving on to more challenging modalities.  An example of controlled instability is a 65-year old client balancing on one foot on the floor and another example is a 25-year old athlete balancing on one foot while standing on a balance disc. 

Look at fitness like a multifaceted gem.  There are many components to a good fitness program and one of those facets is balance.  We use tools to challenge balance within a fitness program.  One of the most effective tools is a balance disc.  In a nutshell you perform many of the same exercises you would perform in a traditional fitness program on the balance disc.  For example, a squat with dumbbells performed standing is made much more challenging on a balance disc.  Learn good technique and good exercise choices for your goals and a balance disc is a very good tool for enhancing a fitness program.
Wendy Batts
A balance disc will challenge your center of gravity on an object other than just a flat surface.  As long as you can maintain proper body alignment when balancing, you will be training your body how to deal with uneven surfaces that we will come across in everyday life and help reduce the chances of falling or injuring yourself.  Start your balance training program on the most stable surface that you can control and then begin advancing to other objects such as a half foam roll, pillow or balance disc.

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