Are Zumba and Insanity effective workout programs?

Zumba is incredibly popular right now, because it's fun, energetic, loud and readily available. I think it is a great way to increase strength, cardiopulmonary endurance and health. It tends to be low-risk for injuries as well.
Insanity is a high-intensity type workout, so it carries a higher injury risk. However, for someone with a good fitness base, it can really help burn calories, build muscle and promote endurance without a very large amount of time invested.

Yes, both Zumba and Insanity workout programs can be effective at help you improve your health and fitness level. How effective any workout is, depends on your motivation, the enjoyment of an exercise, your desired goals, current fitness levels, as well as effort level during each actual workout. Both programs allow each individual to go at his or her own pace. Zumba is an aerobic exercise program that incorporates dancing to the beat of music. It is primarily designed to improve cardiovascular fitness, endurance, balance, coordination and flexibility. Some Zumba classes also incorporate strength training into the workout through the use of hand weights and calisthenics. Insanity workouts are more advanced, more fast paced, and involve lots of reactive (jumping and hopping) movements with very little rest in between sets of exercises. The Insanity program use little to no equipment and relies mostly on bodyweight exercises that are performed as quickly as can be controlled.

Which workout to use depends on the type of activities you enjoy, your motivation, desired goals, as well as your current fitness levels. If you are new to exercise, like to dance but dislike the thought of a traditional exercise program, then Zumba may be for you. If you’ve been exercising for some time, have hit a plateau, or just need a change for your regular routine, then the Insanity workouts are worth giving a try. Remember, before starting any fitness program, consult your physician and have them perform a thorough physical and health screening to make sure you’re healthy enough to perform the workouts. If at any time while performing either workout program you experience light headedness, sharp pain, bruising or swelling around a joint, or shortness of breath, then discontinue the workout and consult your physician.

Both Zumba and Insanity can be utilized as very effective workouts; however they are also very different. Zumba, created by Beto Perez and taking North America by storm, blends many different dance styles together in a fun format. This class will help to whittle the core and draw in the waistline due to all of the repetitive twisting movements. A bit of core training prior to class would elevate results and provide a safer structure for the spine. Zumba can exacerbate inflammatory diseases, such as arthritis, in some people though so go at your own pace and feel it out.

Insanity is a higher level workout designed for athletes, or those of us who just want to look like athletes :). Although it is quite intense, there are always modifications offered for those just beginning. Insanity will increase speed and distance for runners and athletes who depend on speed for their game (think football, basketball, soccer, baseball, etc.). Insanity is extremely effective core training as well, and often participants notice a much slimmer waistline after finishing the series.

Both of these can be wonderful ways to reach your goals, but you truly get out of them what you put into them. So, if you feel as though a workout is too advanced for you right now, try a different one to gain strength and stamina. Just remember that any time you move, you are moving forward.


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