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What is the most important aspect of an exercise program?

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  • The most important aspect of an exercise program is the training intensity. Training intensity is defined as an individual's level of effort, compared with their maximum effort, which is usually expressed as a percentage. In accordance to the 3 levels of the OPT model, training intensity ranges from 50 - 70% of 1RM during a stabilization adaptation, 70 - 100% of 1RM during a strength adaptation, and 30 - 45% of 1RM of 1RM or approximately 10% of body weight.
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  • The most important aspect of an exercise program, in my opinion, is finding the right motivation.  Exercise requires a rare form of motivation and everyone is different.  Some people may motivate themselves because they want to lose weight, others may do it to train for a race, and some may do it for the shear reason of staying healthy and fit.  Whatever your reasoning may be, find the appropriate motivation and use it as your spark to keep yourself going!

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  • Developing and maintaining optimal posture and proper exercise mechanics is most important to ensure health, safety and fitness enjoyment. Working out with any dysfunction in your body can lead to pain, frustration, injuries, and inefficient use of energy for fitness training.

    In most cases poor posture is correctable. By meeting with a NASM certified personal trainer for a dynamic postural assessment, and basic performance assessment, you will get your body’s posture correction going in the right direction. (A dynamic postural assessment is recommended before starting any exercise program.)

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    That depends on your goals. Do you have a history of injuries? If so, understanding the root causes of your injuries and then developing your exercise program around them would be the most important aspect of your exercise program.

    If your goals are for weight loss then balance between diet, strength, and cardio training would be important. Really it comes down to your mind, whatever your goals are. Are you ready to commit to change for the better? If you are not then you need to understand what is holding you back and fix those issues. If you are ready to commit, then get to it and allow yourself to break into it gently but consistently. Be smart.

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