What are some exercises to do while sitting down?


There are many exercises that can be performed while sitting down including shoulder presses, shoulder fly, shoulder v-raises, and biceps curls.

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Yusuf Boyd, NASM Elite Trainer
Athletic Training
While sitting you can exercise your core by simply taking a deep breath and holding the end position while continuing to breathe. When you take a deep breath your chest will rise, shoulders will retract, head will center over shoulders, and your back will straighten up. The muscles that maintain this position (proper posture) will activate and hold the position. If you are one who slouches or has poor posture you will be able to do this for 10-15 seconds before you feel yourself a little winded. Repeat as often as you think about it and you will develop the strength to maintain the position for prolonged periods, thus improving your posture and getting a mini workout in while sitting.

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