What are active range of motion (ROM) exercises for the hips and knees?


Perform the following exercises by lying flat on the floor or on a bed with your legs straight yet relaxed.

Hip and knee bends: Point your toes. Slowly bend your right knee up as close to your chest as possible. Straighten your leg and return it to a flat position on the bed.

Leg lifts: Raise your right leg upward so that your foot is about 6 to 12 inches (15 to 31 centimeters) off the bed. Hold it in the air. Return your leg back to the bed.

Leg movement, side to side: Flex your foot so your toes point up toward the ceiling. Move your right leg out to the right as far as possible. Bring your leg back to the middle.

Leg rotation, in and out: With your right leg flat on the bed, roll the leg toward the middle so that the big toe touches the bed. Roll your leg outward. Try to make your smallest toe touch the bed.

Knee rotation, in and out: Bend your knee so the bottom of your right foot is flat on the bed. Roll your leg inward as far as possible.

Now repeat the above exercises with the opposite leg.

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