How do I perform a turning step-up, balance to overhead press with 2 arms?



  1. Stand to the side of a box or platform holding a dumbbell in each hand  at shoulder level, with feet shoulder-width apart and pointed straight ahead. Hips should be in a neutral position.
  2. Lift chest, retract shoulders slightly and tuck chin.


  1. Draw abs in, activate glutes and brace.
  2. Step onto box with near leg, keeping toes pointed straight ahead and knee directly over the toes.
  3. Push through front heel and stand upright, balancing, and lifting the other knee towards the chest.
  4. Once stabilized, press both dumbbells overhead and return them to the shouldesr.
  5. Return lifted leg to the ground, keeping toes and knees aligned.
  6. Switch sides and repeat desired number of repetitions.
Note: Under Professional Supervision, proper progression to reach this level of exercise must be achieved to reduce risk of injury for it's a total body-transverse (turning/twisting) workout.

Using one step box:
1. Stand close to side of box with feet pointing straight ahead and shoulder width apart.
2. Hold dumbbells in both hands at your side.
    tip; pull navel toward spine to activate core muscles and maintain good standing posture (shoulders slightly back, head straight and level waist) to recruit proper muscles and reduce risk of injury.

3. Turning 90-degrees, with leg closest to box, step onto the box pushing through your heel and stand up straight.
4. Balance on stepping leg while you bring your opposing leg, bending at knee, to waist hieght and hold. (opposing knee level with waist)
5. Curl the dumbbells to your chest.
6. Press the dumbbells overhead turning wrists inward 180-degrees (palms facing foward) and fully extending arms.
7. Reversing step 6. to return dumbbells to chest into curling position, hold.
8. Turning 90-degrees with opposing leg and step down.
9. Lower dumbbell to side and repeat with opposing leg to step up or use two step boxes on both sides.

The Turning Step-Up, Balance to Overhead Press with 2-Arms, is an awesome full-body stabilization exercise that works the legs, glutes and shoulders. It is also a great exercise to help individuals develop the flexibility and stabilization requirements needed to properly perform lunge exercises. Copy and paste this link into your address bar to watch a video from NASM on how to properly perform this exercise:


1.  Stand on one side of a box with your feet pointed straight ahead placed a little wider than hips distance apart.

2.  Hold dumbbells, shoulder heigh with palms facing forward. 


3.  Engage your core muscles by bracing abs, then turning 90 degrees pull yourslef up onto the box through the heel squeezing gluteals (butt) of the lead leg standing up straight.

4.  Balance on the lead leg while you bend your opposite leg at the hip first and then knee. 

5.  While balancing on the lead leg, press dumbells overhead just in front of face so you can see the weights. (This prevents reaching behind head with added resistance...which may cause unnecessary shoulder joint stress)

6.  Return the dumbbells to your chest and step off the box, back to the starting position. 

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