Can I turn fat into muscle?

This is a fairly common question most personal trainers get when they meet people for the first time.  Of course this is not the case since they are two completely different types of tissue.  Turning fat into muscle is like turning coal into gold, it just can't happen.  All you can do is reduce your fat with proper nutrition, regular bouts of weight training and cardiovascular training.  You can also increase your muscle to burn more fat off your body but can't change either one into the other.
Although this description has been used to motivate people to participate in exercise programs for a long time, it is not what actually happens when you participate in an exercise program.  Muscle and fat are very separate.  As you get into an exercise program you will get stronger by building muscle and reduce your size by burning fat.  These are two different processes that are both a result of eating healthy and participating in an exercise program.  Resistance training is key in building muscle and the more lean muscle you have the more fat you will burn during your cardio workouts.  Remember...fat is excess energy that is waiting to be get up...move it...and use it :-)
No, fat cannot be converted into muscle. This is a common misconception. I think that when people experience body composition changes, they assume it is because the body is converting fat into muscle. What is actually happening is that the body is burning fat as a fuel and building muscle (assuming you are performing an adequate strength training and cardio program). Body fat, which is called adipose tissue, and muscle, made up of proteins, are two completely different things.  

No. Fat and muscle are different cells. You can gain muscle with weight training and lose fat with cardio training.

The more muscle your body has the better it will be at burning fat. I have seen people do cardio first in order to lose weight before they begin resistance training. This is not necessary, and you will progress more rapidly if you combine resistance with cardio.

Unfortunately, fat and muscle are two different things. One cannot be turned into the other without a miracle. But, it is possible to increase muscle mass, which will help to burn the fat. When you increase muscle mass, you increase the basal metabolic rate or the amount of calories your body needs to burn to maintain itself. One thing to keep in mind is that building large amounts of muscle tissue and decreasing body fat are conflicting goals. To build a significant amount of muscle you will need to take in extra calories so your body has the energy necessary to make tissue. But, to decrease body fat, you will need to burn more calories than you take in. This is why many body builders choose to cycle their weight gain and weight loss into a “bulking” phase and a “cutting” phase. The bulking phase requires an increase in intensity and volume of weight training and cardio may be reduced. When cutting, the calories will be reduced, the intensity and volume of weight training will be reduced and cardio activity will be increased. This cycling can be more efficient when a total goal of increasing muscle mass and decreasing body fat is trying to be achieved.

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