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As a teen, how often should I be pooping?

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    You’re considered normal if you’re pooping once a day, three times a day, or even once every three days--as long as you’re not having cramps, pain, diarrhea, or have odd-shaped poops. If you’re feeling like you’re not pooping enough and really straining to go, you should drink more water or add fiber to your diet to get things moving. You can also eat certain foods to relieve constipation.

    We affectionately call it the CRAP diet: cherries, raisins, apricots, and prunes. And there’s such a thing as too much fi ber; if you get tons of salads and fi ber containing foods, but not enough of the other food groups, such as fat or protein or both, you can also get constipated. Constipation is nature’s way of telling you that you are missing something in your meal plan (what you eat each day).    

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